Brooke’s Story
Brooke plays soccer in the fall and runs track in the spring. Brooke started working out at Core Fitness because she wanted to STAY IN SHAPE in the winter when she didn't participate in sports.
Before joining Core Fitness, Brooke thought a good workout was MAKING YOUR ARMS AND LEGS TIRED. Brooke discovered that even though the Core Fitness workouts were challenging, she was not exhausted afterwards. In fact, SHE FELT ENERGIZED!
Brooke can now deadlift more than 100 lbs., single leg squat to 18 inches, and do PUSHUPS ON THE GROUND. Brooke is also running faster and jumping higher.
Brooke doesn’t have any knee pain or knee tightness. She doesn’t have any back pain or back tightness. HER POSTURE IS IMPROVING and her hips are getting stronger, which will help prevent back pain and knee pain when she gets older.
Most importantly, Brooke looks forward to going to the gym. Brooke likes the atmosphere at Core Fitness and SHE ENJOYS HER WORKOUTS!

This is Brooke’s story, and we hope it inspires you.