Jill's Story
Jill had back pain most of her life.
It started when she was 17 years old. By the time Jill turned 30, three or four times a year, she would be bed-ridden for multiple days because the pain was so intense, it was paralytic.
Jill consistently used chiropractic care for 25 years. Even though her pain would return a few days after each visit, chiropractic manipulation was the only treatment that gave Jill temporary relief from the incessant pain.
Jill saw countless physical therapists that gave her stretching and strengthening exercises, only to have the pain persist.
Her low back pain was constant, regardless of what she did.
In 2005, at the age of 45, Jill was diagnosed with multiple disc bulging and L4-L5 herniation. The pain was the worst it had ever been.
We can only imagine what she thought of her situation over the years.
Is this in my head?
Am I the only one who suffers like this?
Why me?

Jill has always fought the good fight, and even though a part of her felt like she would have to live with this pain for the rest of her life, she never gave up looking for a solution.
When Jill was 48, she met a personal trainer named Jon Messner. JON TOLD HER THAT HER BACK PAIN WAS CAUSED BY WEAK HIP MUSCLES (primarily the glutes). No one ever told her this before. It made perfect sense to Jill; If the glutes don’t work, then the low back muscles have to compensate, resulting in injury.
After two months of training, Jill’s pain was gone. (Note: Jill did not and currently does not have any feeling whatsoever in her low back. HER LOW BACK DOES NOT FEEL "TIGHT" AND IT DOES NOT FEEL LIKE IT NEEDS TO BE STRETCHED.)
Jill did core exercises religiously and her glutes got stronger, which, in a way, released the tension in her low back. She started a serious strength training program as well as playing tennis and running. Jill fondly recalls that she felt like she was on a “natural high”.
Jill is in her 50s and continues her very active lifestyle. What is even more remarkable is that Jill drives 90 minutes to and from work, with no back pain.
Jill does not worry about what she can’t do. Her biggest problem is finding time to do all the things she loves to do!

This is Jill’s story, and we hope it inspires you.