Jimmy's Story
Jimmy frequently struggled with back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain throughout high school and college.
After Jimmy graduated college, he decided he wanted to become a police officer.
Even though Jimmy was determined, he was CONCERNED ABOUT HIS JOINTS because of the amount of jogging, pushups, and pull-ups that were required on a daily basis at the police academy.
Jimmy started training at Core Fitness 6-months prior to enrolling in the Police Academy and he focused on building strength in his joints for the various physical tests and building endurance for the 1.5 mile run test.
After one-month of training Jimmy was single leg squatting to the height of 18-inches WITHOUT ANY PAIN IN HIS KNEES and doing pushups and pull-ups WITHOUT ANY PAIN IN HIS SHOULDERS. Jimmy also started a sprint-running program.
Jimmy worked diligently in the gym for 6-months in preparation for the rigors of the police academy and it paid off. After hundreds of pushups, sit-ups, and pull-ups, Jimmy FINISHED TOP 5 in his class overall and had the SECOND FASTEST 1.5 mile run at 8:36.
Even more remarkable, however, is that Jimmy NEVER RAN INTERVALS LASTING MORE THAN ONE-MINUTE, and most were in the 10-second to 30-second range.
Jimmy graduated from the Monmouth County Special Law Enforcement Officer Class II Police Academy in May 2015 and is now a police officer in Monmouth County.

This is Jimmy’s story, and we hope it inspires you.