Jon's Story
Jon is a runner and was captain of his high school track & field team.
DURING JON'S HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR YEAR, HE WAS HIT BY A CAR. Jon was rushed to the emergency room by his father. Even though he was severely bruised, nothing was broken, and Jon was still able to run.
Jon continued running in college, and he began experiencing knee pain. He was diagnosed with patellar tendinitus.
After college, in spite of his knee pain, Jon continued running. Jon also started working as a personal trainer. Because of his knee pain, he was unable to perform certain exercises, such as squatting and lunging.
Surgery seemed inevitable.
While Jon was working as a personal trainer, he came across a book called Functional Training for Sport by Mike Boyle, which outlined a big problem in the health of competitive athletes... WEAK GLUTES.
Jon was perplexed and thought to himself, "Is the health of my knees affected by my glutes?"
Jon started doing the core exercises in Functional Training for Sport, and two months later, he had no knee pain.
Six months after that, Jon was able to squat on one leg to the height of a 12-inch box WITHOUT FEELING ANYTHING IN HIS KNEES WHATSOEVER.
Jon is approaching 40 and still runs competitively.
He still has no knee pain.
He has no back pain.
He has no hip pain.
He has no pain!

This is Jon’s story, and we hope it inspires you.