Matt’s Story
Matt enjoyed lifting weights, running, biking, and swimming. Matt also STRUGGLED WITH NECK TIGHTNESS AND BACK PAIN.
Matt won a gift certificate to Core Fitness, and was excited to learn “new” exercises. However, Matt was disappointed when he didn’t find the exercises challenging. Despite his misgivings, Matt decided to train at Core Fitness just a bit longer.
Matt considered himself a “junior” triathlete, and three months after he started training at Core Fitness, he was stopped at an intersection on his bike. Something felt different about this ride, but he wasn’t quite sure what it was.
Then it hit him. Matt did not have to rotate his entire body to check cross traffic! For decades Matt had a stiff neck and had to turn his body to check cross traffic. He forgot what it was like to have “normal” neck motion!
What’s more, the EXERCISES THAT MATT DID REPEATEDLY WERE GETTING MORE DIFFICULT TO DO! Was it because he was getting better at doing the exercises and using more muscles? Matt could only speculate.
Matt also suffered with acute low back pain after prolonged cycling. Matt decided to take a break from cycling and focus on strengthening his low back muscles. After several months of core training and many, many single leg squats, MATT’S BACK PAIN VANISHED!
Currently, Matt runs twice a week, swims twice a week, and works out at Core Fitness three times a week.
Matt’s doesn’t have back pain.
Matt doesn’t have neck stiffness.
Matt continues to be active.

This is Matt’s story, and we hope it inspires you.