Maxine's Story
Maxine ran her first half marathon, the Pequanock Half, in New Jersey in October 2011. At the time, she was experiencing foot pain and knee pain. She ran it in 1-hour and 59-minutes.
Maxine transitioned to wearing minimalist (natural foot-shaped) footwear and in April 2012, she completed the Race for the Roses Half Marathon in Oregon in 1-hour and 48-minutes. HOWEVER, SHE HAD TROUBLE WALKING SEVERAL WEEKS AFTER THE RACE BECAUSE OF FOOT PAIN.
Maxine eventually recovered and she started training with Jon Messner and Drew Seaver at Core Fitness. She began a core training and strength training program and improved her posture and her core strength.
In November 2013 at the Big Sur Half Marathon in California, Maxine again ran 1-hour and 48-minutes, BUT THIS TIME SHE EXPERIENCED ZERO FOOT PAIN. She had no knee pain either. She had no pain whatsoever. As an added bonus, she seemed to recover from the race quickly.
More recently, at the Philly Half Marathon in Pennsylvania in November 2014, Maxine set a personal record of 1-hour and 47-minutes. Again, she had no pain after the race and was able to run two days after the race.
Maxine continues core training and strength training today because she wants to continue running tomorrow.

This is Maxine’s story, and we hope it inspires you.