Sherry’s Story
Sherry was in constant fear of injuring herself.
In 1998, Sherry was diagnosed with a bulging disc and pinched nerve. She had numbness in her leg and walking was difficult. Sherry loved being a photographer, but was UNABLE TO WORK FIVE MONTHS because of her back injury.
In 2015, Sherry felt a pop in her calf while playing tennis. To make things worse, HER BACK CONTINUED TO HURT. Sherry tried heat, ice, stretching, spinal adjustments, and physical therapy, but nothing helped. She did not play tennis for several weeks and was frustrated.
Sherry's friends recommended Core Fitness, but she thought,
How can a personal trainer help me? My back pain is genetic!
Sherry eventually made an appointment for an assessment at Core Fitness. Sherry was IMPRESSED BY THE THOROUGHNESS of the evaluation process and was given an exercise program designed specifically to address her muscle weaknesses. After months of core training and resistance training, HER BACK PAIN AND CALF TIGHTNESS DISAPPEARED.
Sherry exercises at Core Fitness three times a week. Sherry doesn't worry about injuring herself and is focused on her career as a photographer and her tennis game.

This is Sherry's story, and we hope it inspires you.